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What to expect

What to expect

The first day of treatment can be quite daunting so we recommend having a friend or family member accompany you for the day. When you arrive the nurses will spend time explaining your treatment and side effects and it is helpful to have someone with you to listen and take notes.

Your appointments may take between one to seven hours, depending on the treatment your Oncologist has prescribed for you. We will provide you with meals and beverages throughout your visit but you are welcome to bring along something of your own if you would prefer.

On the day of your first treatment you will be seen by your Doctor in Clinic and then come across to the Day Oncology Unit. If you have any questions for your Oncologist we recommend you write them down and bring them with you. You may be asked to have a blood test before your appointment; the nursing team at BRICC will let you know the process for this.

Below are some of the common questions we are asked. Please call us any time before you come if you have a question or are unsure of what to expect.