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BRICC Transport Network

The BRICC Transport Service is a Volunteer service funded through Community donations.

It is available to eligible patients requiring transport to and from BRICC for consultations or treatment.

  • For consultations with your specialist
  • For Radiation Treatment
  • For Chemotherapy Treatment
  • For Allied Health Consultation

What we need to know?

  • Are you independent in terms of travelling to and from appointment?
  • Do you require assistance from family to attend appointments?
  • Would a transport service be helpful to you?

Eligible patients:

  • You live within 100km of BRICC
  • You have no other transport options available or
  • You have difficulty in organising transport, such as if family members are not available in certain circumstances
  • You can get into car unaided
  • A carer may travel with you
  • You are a tenant of the cancer accommodation and request transfer to and from BRICC

Referral for Transport:

  • Please inform us of your need to have transport provided
  • Please complete the simple referral form-this will ensure your request is actioned

Costs and Length of Stay

Tariffs are modest and in line with the Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme (VPTAS) rebate rates. VPTAS provides financial subsidies to eligible patients living in rural and regional Victoria who need to travel long distances to access medical specialist services. Our staff can assist you with further information to claim the rebate if you are eligible. We will do our very best to meet your accommodation needs during your cancer care and treatment at BRICC. Accommodation resources at Pleasant Apartments and Rotary House can at times be limited. We encourage patients and families to seek information about available accommodation services as early as possible in your treatment pathway.