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Being diagnosed with cancer is overwhelming, having to live away from home for 6 weeks while you have radiation is also overwhelming but the BRICC Wellness Centre is an amazing place that offers comfort and support during difficult times.I felt welcomed, cared for and pampered at the Wellness Centre. There was space to be on my own and also opportunity to talk if I wanted. The staff and volunteers made my time in Ballarat memorable for good reasons. Massages, facials, coffees and chats are all an integral part of rebuilding your life again, finding your new normal and slowly becoming stronger in mind and body. The Wellness Centre did all this for me.

- Karen B

I have been very fortunate to benefit from the skills, care and knowledge of first class oncologists, chemo and radiology staff and other medical personnel associated with BRICC. The Wellness Centre is a warm and welcoming space providing massage, shiatzu, and yoga to name a few of the services available. BRICC also provides the opportunity for those coping with cancer to attend a variety of workshops to help them through the "ups and downs" of their cancer. At times I seemed to be in the centre most days of the week. I always felt welcome and actually wondered what I was going to do when I finished my treatment and was in remission. Thanks to everyone at BRICC for your care, friendly smiles and welcome.

- Helen - Ovarian cancer - in remission

The very modern, clinical aspects to treatment which can result in a raw body and mind are beautifully contrasted by the gentle, warm and caring Wellness centre. This after care not only leads one back into mainstream life using massage, meditation and practical advice on coping with the traumatic invasion of cancer into one's life, but also can open up new pathways of better self care, using Yoga for example. After sinking into an abyss of post treatment side effects and mental shock I found these new steps being offered to be a real life saver.

- Mike

Having had reoccurring illness, it has been comforting to know that the wellness centre offers support for aftercare in the form of massage and shiatsu. These complimentary modalities have enabled me to share with professionals in their field, all of the emotional, physical and mental troubles that are bottled up inside, during the treatment. There is great comfort as a recovering patient to know that is form of kindness to the body after its ordeal with treatment, is available through the wellness centre.

I have found all the staff at the Wellness Centre to be very welcoming and caring. Having massages with Helen and Cathy has been wonderful, soooooo relaxing and very beneficial in rejoining body and spirit, following the ongoing radiology and treatment schedule.

- K C

Over 30 years ago I developed breast cancer, had a radical mastectomy and after a month went back to work and life carried on. I recently had breast cancer again, another mastectomy, and this time the support I have had from Oncologists, the Radiotherapy Staff and nurses at the Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre were nothing but amazing. What a wonderful caring group of absolute angels they turned out to be. I was also coping with the death of my husband during this time so life was difficult.

I enjoyed the companionship and support of other people coping with cancer and the Wellness Centre was like an oasis in my desert of life. I tried lots of courses run there, I attended talk sessions and benefited from many free services offered through the kindness of volunteers using their skills. I have used the quietness of the Chapel and the fun and laughter at morning teas and fund raisers. How lucky we are in Ballarat to have these services on our doorstep.

- Pam G