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The emotional impact of cancer can lead to difficulties coping with treatment and can create added stress. A psychologist can help you to express your feelings and to find helpful ways of coping. People can often benefit from one session alone, while others find that periodic or regular sessions are helpful for them.

Some of the questions and concerns people bring when they see a psychologist at BRICC include:

  • What will help me adjust to having cancer?
  • How do I make treatment decisions (i.e. whether to have a particular treatment or not)?
  • How do I talk with my children, partner or friends about cancer?
  • How do I keep cancer in perspective?
  • Is it normal to experience these feelings (sad, teary, anxious, apprehensive)?
  • How do I manage my emotions and what can I do to feel better?
  • How can I relax and get a better night's sleep?
  • How can I accept the changes to my body?
  • How can I manage the treatments side-effects? (e.g: nausea and fatigue)
  • How can I manage the changes in my relationships?
  • I am worrying my cancer will come back - is that normal?

Please speak to your treating physician or nurse for a referral.