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Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse - Grampians region

A diagnosis of prostate cancer can be a very worrying time for patients, their family and friends.

The Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Service is a national program to help those living with cancer.

The service is delivered by a team of experienced prostate cancer nurses. They can help you and your family by:
  • Providing a point of contact and support for you and your family
  • Providing you with reliable information about your diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Providing you with information on dealing with the effects of treatment
  • Coordinating your care - wherever you are in your cancer journey
  • Assisting with access to services in the hospital and in your community both during and after treatment
  • Help you access a Support Group
The nurse works closely with your doctors and others involved in your care to provide a point of continuity.

Referral forms if you have one

You or your family can either contact the Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse directly or ask one of your treating team to refer you to the service. You can contact the service at any point in your cancer journey and you do not need a medical referral. This is a free service.

Sexual Wellness After Treatment (SWAT)

The SWAT clinic is provided by the Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse to manage your sexual health post diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer. Despite advances in surgical techniques, such as nerve sparing and minimally invasive surgery, erectile dysfunction remains problematic. A diagnosis of erectile dysfunction can impact on you and your partner's relationship and quality of life.

The Prostate Cancer Specialist nurse will assess, diagnose, educate and manage any sexual health issues you have with a particular focus on the area of erectile dysfunction.

Referral to the SWAT clinic can be provided by your treating team or you can self-refer.

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Contact details

Gay Corbett
Tel: 03 53208675
Mobile: 0437 876 169
Fax: 03 53204424
Postal: P.O. Box 577
Drummond Street north
Ballarat 3353