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We Care for You

At BAROC we offer the latest treatment options, using the most advanced technology, to provide you the very best care we can. Our care approach is about supporting you and your loved ones. Our aim is to support you in a smooth transition to life following a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The treatment itself is a change from the normal pattern of life. For many patients and families it can be a distressing and difficult time. The support of family and friends, the ability to continue working, to spend time with children and grandchildren, can at times be interrupted by the need to travel long distances, or even stay away from home whilst having cancer treatment.

Your treatment at BRICC can be provided without delay. This will assist you and your family by reducing anxiety about 'when will my treatment start'. It will move you forward to a point beyond treatment and back to your normal life.

Once you have completed treatment, we pride ourselves on the ongoing supportive care we provide. These services are offered through your BRICC team of professional staff and through the BRICC Wellness centre.

In addition to providing ongoing care at the BRICC, we provide an outreach clinic in Stawell to allow you access to consultations with a Radiation Oncologist closer to home.

We feel it's important, where possible, to bring cancer services to you.