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People with cancer are at risk of nutritional problems.

Some cancers can increase your nutritional requirements due to the extra stress it places on your body. Treatment for cancer can also cause side effects that may make it difficult for you to eat enough.

An oncology dietitian is a specialist dietitian, who can work with you to make sure that you have an appropriate diet during your treatment and recovery. This can help you to get the most benefit from your treatment and add to your quality of life.

Whilst some people with cancer are at nutritional risk, certain cancer diagnosis' and treatments are associated with weight gain. As part of the Wellness Centre's program of activities a "Why Weight?" group is held bi monthly. This involves a two 2-hour introductory group education sessions, held over 2 consecutive weeks. The focus is on managing your weight with a cancer diagnosis. These sessions aim to introduce key concepts of weight management incorporating diet, physical activity and behaviour change. The sessions are facilitated by a Dietitian, Psychologist and Exercise Physiologist.