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CT Simulation

The next stage in your treatment preparation is called CT Simulation or CT Planning.

You will be given an appointment to attend the Ballarat Austin Radiation Oncology Centre located within the BRICC for this. Our CT planning area offers a private waiting room where you have time to chat to one of our RTs about the CT planning process and any questions you may have can be answered.

Depending on the part of the body you are having treated, you may be given some instructions to prepare for your CT planning appointment. Your CT planning appointment is where all of the information required to produce your radiation therapy treatment plan is collected by Radiation Therapists. A CT scan is also taken at this time.

At the CT planning session, the RTs will decide the best way to position you for your radiation therapy treatment. The location of the cancer within your body can sometimes mean that special supports are required to assist you to maintain a comfortable position for treatment. These supports will help you stay still during the CT scan and treatment process. Please let the RTs know if you are uncomfortable. They will do their best to make you as comfortable as possible whilst still making sure you are in the best possible position for your radiation therapy.

After the CT scan, the RTs will give you some very small permanent skin tattoos (dots) in the area that you are having treated. These skin dots are required to position you accurately at each of your treatments. To do this the Radiation Therapist will put a small amount of ink under the top layer of skin using a small sterile needle.